The mission of Troop 18 is to help guide each boy to become a well-rounded individual performing up to his personal potential through active participation in the Scouting Program, and to help him grow to be a young adult capable of being a future leader, possessing a strong character, guided by moral certainty, demonstrating good citizenship and exhibiting physical fitness.


The mission is accomplished by following the Scouting Method, by encouraging the scout to live by the Scouting Ideals and by fostering each scout to be successful in rank advancement through activities and merit badges while making friends, having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.


The Scouting Method is utilized by Troop 18 and consists of the following eight components:


Scouting Ideals ( The Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Motto, the Scout Slogan, and the Outdoor Code.) Patrol System Advancement Outdoor Program Adult Role Models Leadership Development Personal Growth Scout Uniform.


Troop 18 encourages the Scout to work on Advancement through the ranks. The leaders and committee provide the necessary support, conferences and boards of review. The Troop also periodically conducts merit badge sessions to assist the Scout in obtaining required badges.


Troop 18 offers an active outdoor program for all Scouts which consists of a variety of activities including camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, snow shoeing, canoeing, climbing and Summer Camp .


The program provides the Scout numerous opportunities to fill leadership roles and offers Junior Leadership Training.   Leadership positions for the boys include Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Chaplain Aide, Librarian, Historian, Scribe, Quartermaster, Webmaster, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader ( ASPL ), Senior Patrol Leader ( SPL ) and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster ( JASM ).


As the Scout participates in the wholesome and enjoyable activities, he gains self-confidence, becomes more self-reliant, develops initiative, learns teamwork, provides leadership, meets challenges, acquires new skills, learns his talents, increases stamina and physical fitness, becomes more mature and has fun.


Troop 18 is sponsored by the Plaistow Fish and Game Club, is chartered by the Boy Scouts of America and belongs to the Northern Light District of the Yankee Clipper Council.